I'm having trouble figuring out where to start with DJ Z Trip. This dude is one of the best DJs in the world, he has worked with just about anyone you can think of, and he is the pioneer of a bunch of music that you love. Some highlights from Z Trips Wikipedia page: LL Cool J touring DJ. Debut album featured apperances from Supernatural, Murs, Lyrics Born, Luke Sick, Aceyalone, Mystic, Prince Whipper Whip, Busdriver, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, Chuck D, and Chali 2na of Jarassic 5. Recent mixtape with Talib Kwali. Worked with Datsik on track "Double Track"...Who the hell is this dude?! He is all over the musical map but, as you can hear below, no matter the musical style DJ Z Trip is on point.

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