It seems Disney's side of Billy's interview is different than what he told GQ.

After Billy Ray Cyrus told GQ that Hannah Montana “destroyed” his family, he added that he "never made one commissioned dollar or dime" off of his daughter Miley, but now a source at Disney is responding to the claim, calling it “ludicrous.”

The source also reveals to THR that both Miley and Billy Ray have "been clear with [Disney] about their desire to distance themselves from [the company]", and they "saw it coming for a long time. She wanted to mature herself, but it kind of backfired. Her future without Disney is TBD.”

Miley has two movies set for release this year, and given how many records she's sold since she burst onto the scene in 2001, it appears as though a split from Disney wouldn't be detrimental to her career. Or would it?