Just this year I was able to go to Bonnaroo which was a life changing event but I have to credit one group in particular to this  statement.  After Wiz Khalifa's performance we were all ready for Eminem to hit the stage but there was one more performance still to go. I had heard of The Black Keys but really had no idea who they were and what I was about to experience. The Black Keys Killed it! These two were amazing. Here were two older men just jamming and rocking out. If I hadn't heard of The Black Keys before their performance I was sure to know them after it!

The whole reason I am sharing this story is because I just read an article about them bashing MTV and kind of taking a jabbed at The Black Eye Peas from a "GQ" interview. I have heard about these guys being jokesters which for this accident to happen to them and it being serious it is pretty funny! Back in 2010 the group won Break Though Video of the year at MTV's Music Video Awards. The article talks about how when they won "Break though Video" with 'Tighten Up' the award read The Black Eye Peas-Tighten Up.

This was no joke MTV really printed the award with The Black Eye Peas name on it. The group talks about mocking the award and making their own saying 'They need their own since The Black Eye Peas won't even be around in 20 years." Low blow but who knows they might be right and of course MTV fixed the mistake and re made their award.

I thought this was pretty funny and so typical. And of  course can't lie if I wouldn't have seen their performances I might have said exactly this "What The Black Keys did they mean The Black Eye Peas?"

Now, presenting The Black Eye Peas, oh shoot, I mean The Black Keys 'Tighten Up'