I've been having way too much fun with this.

So Snapchat is one of the most used apps in America, and I found out that you can actually make your own Geofilter. What is a Geofilter? When you take a picture or video on Snapchat you can swipe left or right to see different filters that are location based. See my photo below.

This can be used all over the U.S., but I found out last night is that you can make your own Geofilter and use it for special occasions. You just have to go to Snapchat.com and use your Snapchat login to get started.

I am hosting the Second Chance Prom, and I designed a filter just for Saturday night for the event. Here is the filter that you can use if you are in the vicinity of the Eagles Ballroom:

The bummer is it does cost money, but it's very reasonable. For every 20,000 sq ft it will cost you about $5. Then you put in what time you want your filter to run and submit it.

Plus, there are two ways to make filters. You can design you very own and import it (this will take a few days to approve) or you can use the templates they have and make your very own (takes typically one day to review and approve).

I might have to make a filter for Kidabaloo coming up or just a KISS FM filter for my afternoon show.

Check out Snapchat.com for more details. Also, don't miss out on Second Chance Prom Saturday, March 18th!