I just put up Ashley's Inbox of the Day and I was asking, "What is the most insane fad diet you have ever tried?" I know not everyone would want to share and might wonder why I would ask this but I think around the holidays everyone tries at least something and or at least thinks about looking their best. I have never tried too drastic of diets but I have heard about some pretty intense ones from friends. When I came across four tips to help detox after the holidays I thought of course I have to share.......so if you're not a big dieter and or just want to get out of the holiday gut bombs here are four health tricks to help.
1) Avoid Sugar and Salt
-this helps with bloating
2) Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Than Normal
-gives back your body vitamins
3) Start off Slow at the Gym
4) Drink Plenty of Water
-flush out those toxins