The "knockout game" is possibly one of the most horrific trends happening among teens today. The "game" is simple - punch a victim with the hopes of knocking him or her out. The actions of thoughtless teens participating in the "knockout game" have already taken 4 young people's lives. CAUTION: Videos shows extreme violence.

CBS News has reported on this trend that is occurring in New York, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Chicago, and New Jersey. Students use the terms "one-hitter quitter," "knock em' and drop em," "point em' out and knock 'em out" to describe the action of hitting an unsuspecting person so hard that they go unconscious. The teens label their targets as 'others'. Even teachers have been targeted in the assaults.

What is causing young kids to inflict traumatic injury onto another person? Teens have admitted they do it simply because they are bored. Most targets are chosen at random. I was simply shocked to hear that such a thing has become a trend across several cities and states.

I'm sure I am not alone in hoping this trend never once makes its way to Montana and soon ceases to exist. What do you think should be done about this growing trend? Is it a form of terrorism?