Bozeman, Montana Rapper David Dalla G's new video for 'Don't Stop' is impressive in more ways than one. First off, it's not easy being an aspiring rapper in Montana, but David Dalla G does it the best we've seen in years. Second, the video is entirely one complete shot with dozens of people in the video. How did something not go wrong? And third, the beat by Surebert is great and I can't wait to be pumping it in my car down 19th Street.

David Dalla G has played all the great shows in Bozeman from the Rail Jam to the Showcase and numerous shows in between.  Knowing that it's a tough gig being a rapper in Montana, David Dalla G submitted his brand new video onto Reddit and guess what? He made the front page of Reddit. Which is not an easy task!

Personally, my favorite track of his is Goodbye Letter and you can listen to that and all of his songs here on Bandcamp.

As of writing this, the video for 'Don't Stop' has 881 views YouTube. Will it hit the thousands by Saturday? Will someone influential in the music biz see it and give David Dalla G a call? We hope so, and if you want to keep up with David, you can check out his YouTube page at DavidDallaG and follow him on Twitter @DavidDallaG and on Facebook.