Are you dating? Do you want to? Here is some info on the dating scene according to the surveyees of Maxim - We have a survey to see what Bozeman thinks about dating too -

"Maxim" surveyed more than 2,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 64 to find out what they REALLY think about dating in the year 2011. Here's what they found.

--There are plenty of people looking to date. 38% of people say they're looking to date . . . or at least hook up. And . . . 10% of the MARRIED people surveyed said they're looking to date or hook up.

--Social media is a big part of modern dating. 25% of people use social media in their dating life, and 40% judge people by what's in their Facebook profile. But . . . 70% of people say that they'd rather meet someone in person than online.

--You'd better secure your passwords. 24% of people admitted they've spied on their significant other's email, texts, cell phone calls, or social media accounts. Men are more likely to end a relationship over something they find.

--People still like old-fashioned phone calls. 75% of people say the best way to get in touch after a good date is by phone.

--Everyone still lies and says they don't care about looks. Everyone surveyed is still telling the same old lies. People rated personality as someone's most important quality, followed by brains and shared interests. Looks came in LAST place.

--Chivalry could be dead if men would let it die. 55% of women say chivalry doesn't matter that much to them anymore . . . but 69% of guys say they consider themselves old-fashioned gentlemen who open doors and pay for dates.

--Women like men who play video games? This is either a sign of the times or a sign of women getting desperate . . . but 39% say it's a TURN-ON when a guy lists "video games" as one of his interests.


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