I was at the mall on Black Friday and although there were a crazy amount of people there for the "Stocking Full of Savings", everyone seemed in a good mood.  I heard that folks were lined up around the building at Target.  All in all I thought maybe this year that the Black Friday craziness would be less crazy this year....not the case.  Here are few videos from different Walmarts around the country.

-Porter Ranch, California, just north of Los Angeles, a woman PEPPER SPRAYED her fellow shoppers at a Walmart . . . all to try to clear a path to a crate of Xboxes.  At least 20 people, including children, were injured.  The woman surrendered to the cops on Saturday. And she DID end up buying an Xbox.  It's hard to see in the video, it's mainly a mob of confused people.

The Waffle Maker Riot. A Walmart in Little Rock, Arkansas, where people essentially RIOTED over $2 waffle makers.  You can actually see people pushing and fighting each other, all for a waffle maker.

Cops Break Grandpa's Face. At a Walmart in Buckeye, Arizona, 54-year-old Jerald Newman was shopping with his wife and grandson.  As a mob descended on the video game section, he wanted to protect his grandson from being trampled  To free up his hands so he could lift his grandson, he put the video game he was holding into the waistband of his pants.  The cops saw THAT, thought he was shoplifting, and SLAMMED him to the ground.  His face started bleeding like crazy.  He was arrested for shoplifting and resisting arrest.