Starting a business is a difficult thing to do! Finding clients is difficult, unless you take the approach that people are going to get and pay for your services whether or not they ask for it.

See,  53-year-old Sue Warren of Elyria, Ohio decided to take this route to start up her cleaning business this past Tuesday.  She broke into a house in Westlake, Ohio. Then cleaned it. And then left a note with her address asking the owners to send her $75. The owner, Sherry Bush, owns the house.  When she got home and noticed how nice her place looked her first thought was that her parents had hired the cleaning lady.  Then she found the note and contacted Sue to ask why she'd cleaned her house.

The answer seems legit, albeit illegal.  Sue, the cleaner, told Shelly that she was desperate for money, and had picked Sherry's house at random.  This was not an isolated incident thought, Sue has broken into at least two other houses to clean them.

Sue has been arrested but not charged with anything yet.  I hope that she gets off easy or maybe with mandatory business counseling to help her get her cleaning business off the ground?