My favorite part of having a live Christmas tree as a kid was searching for the perfect one. Inside is a list of locations in Bozeman where you can find great Christmas trees.

My parents would take me and my brother to a nearby Christmas tree lot as soon as they got home from work. We would split up to look for our personal favorite and then compare which one was best making wagers like, "If we pick mine I promise to take down the ornaments in January!"

While it was always fun picking out the perfect tree, whichever tree was picked, it didn't really matter. Once we delivered the tree home and adorned it with lights and our ever growing ornament collection, we soon forgot there were any other trees to choose from but this one tree.

Venturing around Bozeman I found that you can find trees relatively cheap. I'm talking as cheap as $20! There is a large variety too. I really liked the White Pines I saw at the Cashman Nursery right across from Bozeman High School.

What is your favorite type of Christmas tree and will you be getting a live one this year?

Locations of live Christmas tree buying locations in Bozeman