Things just can't get any worse for Charlie Sheen. It's reported his kids are now being taken away; temporary or long term we can't say but you can hear it all straight from Sheen through his new twitter account that has gained over 600,000 followers in less than 10 hours!


Radar is reporting that a furious Sheen told them, as his kids were being taken away, "My fangs are dripping tiger blood."
After his sons were taken away, Sheen tweeted, "My sons are fine... My path is now clear... Defeat is not an option..!"

In last night's '20/20' interview, journalist Andrea Canning asked Sheen and his girlfriends, porn star Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly, if they see themselves as mother figures to Sheen's twin sons, Max and Bob. Both answered with a resounding "Yes, of course."

When asked if they were good influences on the boys, Kenly replied, "Oh, absolutely. All you can do with children is love them. And we love them, and we're not doing anything to be harmful to their routine or undermine anything else going on."

Radar is also reporting that the twins were with Sheen before he went on vacation to the Bahamas with Mueller, Olson and Kenly.

Sheen, 45, has been with the twins since his return to Los Angeles last Friday, and the kids were even present during his interview with ABC.

Earlier in the day, Sheen joined Twitter with username @CharlieSheen. The actor's profile was kept short and succinct: "Unemployed Winner."

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