Tate's Single of the Week, gamers who are also beer drinkers can toast to this, guy needs to look behind him, and more hilarity here -

Watch out gamers - this one is for you guys -

An astronomer in England named Matt Thompson was doing a live segment for the BBC about how to spot interesting stuff in the night sky.

--But it was overcast where he was, so he spent his entire segment complaining about the weather . . . and completely missed a meteor that fell through the sky directly behind him.

--It happens at :07.

TED WILLIAMS . . . the homeless guy with the amazing voice . . . announced last week that he was the new spokesman for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

JARED LEE LOUGHNER is the 22-year-old who tried to assassinate Democratic Congresswoman Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson on Saturday, killing six people.  And he posted a couple weird videos on YouTube three weeks ago.

--He doesn't actually appear in the videos . . . both of them just show white text on a black background.  And most of it is nonsense about, quote, "new money" and something he calls "conscious dreaming".

--According to CBS News, police aren't 100% sure the videos were posted by the same Justin Loughner, but most people think it's him.  Because whoever wrote them is clearly unbalanced, and one of them is titled "My Final Thoughts".