Sometimes texting and doing anything else is dangerous, as is magic, and going with and oddity at Miss America. Oh, and a Shatner Remix.  Check it out -

Shatner remix -

Sometimes magicians do screw up -

Miss America is not supposed to be good at Ventriloquy -

he Miss America pageant was on Saturday, and for the talent competition, Miss Arkansas . . . ALYSE EADY . . . did a ventriloquist act featuring two puppets and the country song "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart".
--And as you might expect, she didn't win.  The winner was 17-year-old TERESA SCANLAN from Nebraska . . . who played the piano.

Ever since Michael's new album came out, people have suggested that a guy named Jason Malachi did some of the singing on it.

--Malachi IS kind of a Michael Jackson sound-alike.  A few years back, he released a song called "Mamacita", that some people mistook for a new Michael Jackson track.