Girl who isn't at a rave, but is.  Diddy Dirty Money - I'm Coming Home Video. Dog Trick. More.

She's at a rave - in her head -

This isn't funny for the dog. But it's kinda funny to me -

EMBED-Dog Stuck Behind Invisible Door - Watch more free videos

Not sure why you'd get Drake shaved into the back of your head anyway, and then I'm not sure why you'd get this guy to do it.  But then I'm not sure why the guy would tape it and put it on the internet?

During Friday's football game between UCLA and Arizona State, a little kid fell out of the stands and landed on the ground behind one of the end zones.  He fell about ten feet, but according to the Associated Press, he wasn't seriously injured.

Diddy Dirty Money - I'm Coming Home -

New Justin Beiber jam -

Maybe we're on the moon now and astronauts are landing?