Kid finds adult content on-line (no adult content shown), Funny Or Die, and Matt Lauer cracks up about packages, and Charlie and Candy Mountain just cause it's awesome and Leslie Nielson's last movie may not come out, but you can help!

Jackie Chiles knows all -

Kid finds adult content amazing -

Packages can shrink -

The last thing LESLIE NIELSEN did as an actor was to lay down a voice track for the lead character in an animated flick called "The Waterman Movie".

--Unfortunately, the writer and director . . . one Bryan Waterman . . . can't raise the funds to finish doing the animation.  So we don't know if the movie will ever be released.

--But he's hoping that Leslie's death might inspire some fans to DONATE money to help him complete the movie.  And he swears he's not trying to take advantage of the tragedy.