Day 8 – Isagenix Cleanse with Main Street Gym

Day 8 = Day 10 total including the 2 days of pre-cleanse.  As of yesterday I have lost a total of 11 pounds and IT IS noticeable all around me.  I can see it in the mirror. My girlfriend is complimenting me and how much she can feel it. My clothes are fitting a completely different way.   I guess pretty much every way you would imaging you would notice it, and a few more ways too.  Pushups, pull-ups, running, any kind of physical activity, are all easier.  This would make sense since I am lighter by a pretty significant amount.  You know how much lighter you feel after you lose the back pack that you have been lugging around campus, or that briefcase or purse…it feels the same way.

Now, onto the future.  Isagenix is a lifestyle product.  So meaning that after I am done with this cleanse I have the option of continuing with the Isalean shake and Cleanse for life products into the future.  Will I?  I will defiantly go for a 2-Day Cleanse every month or so.  I like the idea of flushing everything out and starting new.  The Isalean shake in the morning? I could see it as it does have all the vitamins and nutrients that one wants in the morning to start the day.  I do like to cook breakfast but maybe this would be a time saving and cost efficient solution or at least an option for breakfast.  The nice part is that there ARE options.  Mike from the Main Street Gym has explained them to me and is setting me up, and I don’t feel wrangled into something.  Which to be honest was a very real concern of mine.

The real excitement I have and the thing that I will most take from this experience, is the opportunity that this cleanse has given me to get back into shape, and do it in a relatively quick time period.  I was concerned, before I was approached about this project, about how I was going to get myself into shape. I knew that I had let myself go a bit and needed to get back into the gym.  I also knew that it was a long road to get to where I wanted to be.  This product has given me a jump start on this road.  It gave me a car ride on a road that I thought I was going to be running down. And since I have taken the challenge and I feel that I have been successful the true test will be to see what I do with it from here on out.

Today and tomorrow are the last days of cleansing which means no eating till Thursday.  I am mixing up the Cleanse for Life juice right now.  2 more days until freedom! Ha! I will say that I will be happy to be out of the confines of the eating schedule that is for sure!  Although through the process I have not felt at any moment hungrier than I normally would on any given day previous to the Cleanse.  I have not been grumpy.  I have craved a few random things like Crazy Bread or the XL Chalupa but not for any other reason than I want to taste them, not because I was wicked hungry.

Here we go 2 more days and we’ll see how my final measurements and weight turn out to be. I am excited to see and excited to see the future results as I continue on the journey.