Day 4 – Isagenix Cleanse with Main Street Gym

Wide awake at 6 am and getting my lunch ready.  I am looking forward to actually eating something today even thought it will only be some tuna and vegetables, op!  And a hardboiled egg, at least the egg white.  I’m going to stop by the Main Street Gym this morning to see what my weight is after 4 full days.  I can’t imagine that it’s that much more than the -6.5 pounds I weighed in at yesterday, buuut what the coach says… I do.  He is the pro here and I’m just on the ride.

That’s really what it feels like on this little adventure, a ride. There have been ups and downs, bouts of feeling enormous strength and high goals to the future and valleys of feeling that it hardly seems worth the effort. The thoughts of “ I’m hungry and I want to eat and who is going to care if I just have this little chip or fry?”  Who would know? No one would know, most likely.  Although I am sure to get the question “Did you cheat”, and then I would be faced with the moral question of being a liar AND a cheater, or admit to the cheating which would be a bit shameful.

As per usual in this sort of dilemma I have a failsafe that I can fall back on.  I am lazy, or as I like to say “Efficient.”  I am too lazy to deal with that moral dilemma so my choice, at least thus far, is to deal with the real issue at hand, walking my way through the want to eat with the mantra “you will still be alive after this mood swing is over. When it is through do you want to be proud of yourself or make up a justification for your actions?”

I WILL make it through, and I WILL be proud of myself IF I make it through the journey.  But that reward seems distant and less glittery than the small distractions that can deceive you into thinking they are what you really need.  But the work is what brings you the reward of pride and self confidence, and the is a true need in a world that seems to be a set held up with strings and silly putty waiting to come crashing down to reveal a landscape of fake.  Truth will always win and work will always prove stronger than hand outs.  That’s the hard, remembering that the rewards are huge, but can be far between.