Did you get a chance to see Chadwick at Catapalooza the past three days? He was taking entries for the chance to win tickets to Atmosphere in the SUB Ballroom on September 10th. If you missed your chance to enter at Catapalooza you can enter for another shot right here.

There was a ton to see, do and learn at Catapalooza this year. Many local banks, churches, outdoor businesses and even Costco showed up to hand out free merch and items in hopes of gaining the interest of the returning MSU student body. Malibu Tan was even advertising their a Show Es Your Tan Lines contest.

More importantly for the students were the various clubs and organizations. We were right next to Chamberlin Productions, Helly Hanson, and Big Sky. Chamberlin Productions had their massive tent with games, drinks, and free schwag. Chamberlin Productions is responsible for various events in Bozeman and Montana including the Rail Jam, Avalaunch and Gallatin Art Crossing.

Many frats and sororities were going full force in finding new recruitment. I never was in a frat but I could imagine the choice would be a tough one to make. Nearly all of the free otter pops I received from the different frats were delicious making my decision impossible!

My favorite booth was one titled 'Humans vs Zombies.' They were raffling a squirt gun and were advertising events involving team sports of humans vs zombies. Which side would you be on?

I also chatted with the MSU Rugby team, the Bozeman Badgers, the Disc Golf Club, the study abroad office and the Exponent. The Exponent is getting a new website soon. Maybe we will see some collaboration between them and bozemanskissfm.com?

I heard there was free pizza but I missed that by arriving too late!

Anyway, if you showed up, we hope you had a blast and we will see you again next year!