Music has been so influential in my life that once I read this article about Cee Lo Green the "Forget You," hit-maker I had to share it.  Cee Lo Green is known for his big teddy bear looks but he says that he is more like a grizzly.  Cee Lo Green says that his rough background has helped him make it in the industry.  Cee Lo Green lost his father when he was two and his mother was paralyzed in a car crash dying two years later when Cee Lo was 18.

I mentioned that music has been so influential to me because there is not a day that goes by that I do not look to music to explain, feel and understand my mood and attitude of the day.  Cee Lo Green mentions exactly this saying  that he suffered from depression as a result of of being just a plain maniac.  He mentions as a youth he was enraged and aggressive and took pride in it.  It wasn't until he found his love for music that changed his attitude.

He states in the article to Britain's Daily Mirror, "I never knew my father. He could have been violent in his own right.  It's not for me to speculate. I've always had the same heart. The same heart that creates music is the one that made me deteremined to protect myself at all costs." Continuing to say, " Survival is a skill. I'm a solider, a lover and a fighter. My skin is a little thicker because of where I've come from.  I was saved because of my association with music.  Music truly calmed a savage beast."

It is neat to hear artist stories like this. This truly is what makes music so relate-able to the listeners and what makes music so influential to me.

And oh yeah I absolutely love his "Forget You'" video.