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Woman Enters Fetus Into Beauty Pageant
Stop me if you've heard this one: After her 20 week ultrasound, a woman notices that her fetus is "a stunner" and enters her into a beauty pageant. What? Not everyone is doing this? The story is true and that's just the beginning.
The Text Is Coming From Inside The Grave
A cell phone was placed in Lesley Emerson's coffin after she passed away three years ago. The 59-year-old would often text her family so they found it perfect to keep that phone right beside her. The family would often send texts to the deceased woman saying it was comforting to talk to her tha…
Teacher Turned Professional Twerker [NSFW VIDEO]
Jessica went from  being a kindergarten teaching assistant to professional twerker. In six seconds, the former teacher can now earn what she would have made in four months. It took her dad awhile to accept this new job but accepts that she feels she has found her true calling. The video isn&apo…

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