Weird News

She Faked Her Own Death to Avoid a Guy
There are few things worse than a bad date. The awkward feelings, the thoughts of what you'd rather be doing instead, the countdown until it's over and the realization that you're the only one thinking it's a bad date. One woman went as far as faking her own death just to avoid a…
This Woman is Magic With Her Scarf!
Forget Pinterest. This woman can make her scarf be any type of clothing she wants. From a dress to a shrug and back to it's original use, this woman is like a scarf magician!
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how to tie mine like a scarf....
New Trend: Dyed Armpit Hair
Fair-haired women everywhere (and dark-haired women willing to start with bleach): You could take your pits in a very artsy direction by adding a pop of color.

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