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The Next Generation Xbox Will Be Revealed Today! [LIVE VIDEO]
The original Xbox was released in 2001. Didn't we all think it was a silly name? And didn't we all doubt this 'computer' that Bill Gates' Microsoft was creating? There was no doubt in most gamers' minds that it would fail in the console war against Sony, Nintendo and Sega. Good thing Master Chief wa…
Sony Developers Share Thoughts on PS4’s DualShock 4
After Sony showcased the PlayStation 4 at a private event a few months ago, the company has been rather quiet about its upcoming next generation console. On Thursday however, Sony broke its silence, and delivered a new video detailing what makes the new DualShock 4 controller so special.
10 Games to Play With Your Sweetheart
Valentine's Day is coming, and many gamers are going to want to spend some quality time with their significant others. But once the wine's been poured, and you're too full from dinner, you'll probably want something to do as a couple, and what better activity than video games...

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