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World Cup Commercials and Music Videos
Important televised sporting events brings forth incredible advertising.  I must say with the world cup craze in full effect these days, two commercials have stuck out in quality.  They might tug at your heart strings, amaze you with their talent or straight up just get you PUMPED...
Mega Man Board Game Rushes Past Kickstarter Goal with $415K
Sure, Mega Man has seen some dire times lately. But thank goodness for the Blue Bomber's devoted fans. With IDW's monthly Mega Man comic book line and Eddie LeBron's Mega Man fan film, Rock, Roll, Rush and all your other favorite metallic mavericks are being kept alive by having such …
Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaked
Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall has apparently reached the closed alpha stage. For most titles in development, a closed alpha build usually means that the people playing/testing it are not supposed to be uploading videos of their gameplay online and are in a non-disclosure agreement with the …
New Blocks Being Built with Next-Gen Tetris
This morning, Ubisoft and the Tetris Company (co-owned by the original designer of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov) announced they are partnering up to celebrate Tetris' 30 year anniversary on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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