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With One Letter: “I’d like to Solve the Puzzle.”
This may sound all 80-year-old of me but I've always wanted to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I feel like it's a place that would feel like home. Too dramatic? It's almost how I feel. This guy reminds me just how competitive this little game is. One letter and he solves?
Diet WIN! Kitchen Safe Locks Out Temptation
Most of our problem when we make a New Year's Resolution or even just try to simply change a habit is that it's a...well..habit. We don't really know that we're doing it until we are interrupted in the middle of doing it. Do you reach for something sweet or even spend without thi…
Who Is #AlexfromTarget And Why Is Ellen Interviewing Him?
He went from being Alex who works at Target to being the heartthrob Target Team Member whose photo went viral after a lust-crazed teen noticed how hot Alex was and snuck a shot of him while he bagged her items. Alex is thoroughly confused by this new-found fame and attention. Ellen interviewed him a…
Ellen’s Producer Pees His Pants in Haunted House
Ellen is horrible. Ellen is awesome! There are few things funnier than watching someone get scared. Ellen's producer, Andy, is terrified of, well, everything. Turns out, Andy has an assistant who is ALSO scared of everything. What a perfect opportunity to send two people through a haunted house…
Ellen Scares Jake Gyllenhaal And It’s Good!
Ellen DeGeneres is my hero. She scares people all year long but around Halloween, it seems everyone is on high alert. Either that, or high anxiety. Jake Gyllenhaal seems pretty chill until something pops up out of nowhere!
Halloween on Dancing With The Stars
It's Halloween and I love watching TV shows get all theme-y. Is that even a word? Dancing with the Stars pulled out all the Halloween stops and did a cool team dance to "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and Iggy Azalea's "Black Widow". This isn't a spoile…

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