Why You Should Backup Your Android Incredible – Now!
I've had an Android Incredible for about a year and a half. I love the phone's capability but am not a fan of it's unreliability at times. First off, my text messages randomly erase from time to time. And most recently, my phone got stuck in the boot sequence making it unusable. After…
Justin Timberlake Talks MySpace TV, Debuts Scruffy Look
Justin Timberlake debuted a new look this week, stepping out with a full beard. The newly engaged star was entertaining techies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (where another Justin will promote a robot company today). Timberlake he was on hand to discuss his plans for MySpace&Clo…
Got a New Baby? Yes, There’s an App for That
Between feedings, diapers and naps, new parents have a lot to think about. And yes, for all you inquiring tech-savvy parents, there’s an app to help track all that. In fact, there are several. The real question, however, is, “Are they worth the download?”
Taggie Smartphone App Helps Kids Make Smart Food Choices [VIDEO]
If you’re someone who wants your kids to know more about food — something we should all know more about — you’ll probably find a new app in development pretty interesting.
Taggie, the brainchild of recent Dutch design school graduate Niels van Hoof, uses your smartphone camera to scan a barcode of fo…

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