What Deep Powder Looks Like Because We Forgot [VIDEO]
It hasn't been the worst season ever but it certainly isn't the best. (We all know how quickly that can change, though.) We're expecting temperatures in the 50s for the next 4 days, so we thought we'd visit Showdown Mountain for a minute.
Your Advice Needed: The Super Bowl or His Girlfriend?
We got an email from a guy (we'll keep him anonymous) asking you for advice on whether or not he should go to the Super Bowl. He wants to but once his girlfriend found out that his ex would be part of the group going to the game, she automatically assumes he will cheat on her. What should he do…
Packers Fan’s ‘Thank You’ to Seattle Is the Sweetest Thing
Two things that didn't go well together last weekend: Packers fans and Seahawks fans. In a stadium with over 67,000 people cheering on their team, there was a little boy and a little girl sitting next to each other - each rooting for different teams. What they wished for the other could, quite …

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