Did NASA’s Curiosity Draw a Member on Mars? [PHOTO]
Right now, I have at least two dozen jokes running through my head about the penis doodle that now exists on the surface of Mars. An image of the rover's tracks was posted onto NASA's own website so it seems legit. Was it an accident or a well calculated maneuver? Ins...
Study Finds Black Sabbath Helps Plants Grow
If you intend to show the wicked world a cornucopia of green thumb power this gardening season (and you probably don't, but keep reading) you had better start exposing your precious sweet leaf to plenty of Black Sabbath.
What Will the World Be Like 150 Years From Now? [INFOGRAPHIC]
I don't know about you but I'm saddened to think they possibly will not invent flying cars, teleportation, commercial space travel, or healthy fast food in my lifetime. These might be beyond our grasp in the near future but that doesn't mean some other amazing things won't happen.
According to this g…
Crater From World’s Third Largest Asteroid Found In Australia
After witnessing some of the damage that a dinner table-sized meteor did last week after crashing into central Russia, imagine the magnitude of destruction that would have occurred if that flaming rock was the length of 18 football fields. Now stop imagining, because scientists say it happened.
Amazing Science Facts That Will Blow Your Minds [VIDEO]
You know how every once in a while in school the teacher would say something that really peaked your interest and you ended up thinking, "Why can't all learning be this much fun?" Here is a 2 minute long video full of information you most assuredly do no know and wil…
You’re Brain Is Wired To Share Cat Videos And Pics [Videos]
Cats, dogs, babies and everything cute on the internet is there because humans can't resist it. A new study out of Yale finds that when you see the cuteness your body starts to loose control with the urge to show someone else.  Obviously with social media sharing only a click away, that is…
Doomsday Asteroid Officially Upgraded in Size
An asteroid that scientists said could threaten Earth’s atmosphere in 2036 is now believed to be substantially larger than previously stated. In fact, astronomers currently studying the dreaded, potential doomsday rock say asteroid 'Apophis' has officially been supersized b…

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