Glenn Beck Slips – Calls Obama Arogant
I don't like to talk politics all that much as it usually leads to a fight of some sort, but Glenn Beck does infuriate me sometimes.  The slip of "killing Obama" I can understand.  Honest mistake.  But calling him arrogant, Glenn Beck calling someone arrogant...that just fires me up.  Even…
Shweitzer Still Not Pleased With Health Care
Many states are coming out as opposing the new health care reform put into action by the Obama administration. Even with Obama making slight changes to create a more viable solution in the states' eyes, many states' leaders, including Montana's Governor, Brian Schweitzer, are not happ…
Presidential Address 12/18
We will begin posting each week's address so that you can watch and read about the nations decisions right here on Kiss FM. This week the President addresses the recent signing of the tax policy and the importance of the nuclear arms START Treaty with Russia.