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Not a Banger, But Your Groove of the Week
Her name is Kaleida and she is from London.  Her new single "Think" is rather entrancing, landing a spot for your "BANGER" of the week.  Although, this sultry, laid back groove isn't so much of a banger as it is a slow jam.  ENJOY! -mO
Triple Double Dippin in the Studio
Do you know the TRIPLE DOUBLE DIP?  It is the next dance craze and it came from Bozeman High.  "The Dippers" coined the new catchy dance, the "TRIPLE DOUBLE DIP" on their YouTube Channel, Wild Oak TV and the song has been taking off ever since...
Bozeman Boy Gets Hooked Up By Macklemore
A few months ago, mother Melissa Banta hit me up to see if we would be giving away tickets to the sold out Macklemore show in Missoula.  Tickets were sold out in a matter of moments.  We brainstormed and I suggested that she and her son contact Macklemore's agency/management...
Avril Lavigne – Let Me Go [MUSIC VIDEO]
Avril Lavigne recently married Nickleback front-man Chad Kroeger, and now the two are making ballads together. It's a sad love story song mentioning past heartache and moving on. Avril looks wonderfully beautiful and grown up in a black dress and luscious long blonde hair. Do you like the pairi…

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