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Beyonce – Countdown [MUSIC VIDEO]
This strange, suave, high paced music video for Beyonce's 'Countdown' keeps you entranced for the full three and a half minutes of dancing, hair do changes, and Brady Bunch esque video effects. You've got to watch to really know what we mean. Would Warhol love or hate this video.…
Daughtry – Crawling Back To You [MUSIC VIDEO]
We've all been there before. You think you're over someone but then the urge to call or text keeps building and building. We won't tell you what to do but maybe this Daughtry music video for 'Crawling Back to You' will provide some inspiration.
Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All [MUSIC VIDEO]
The original American Idol winner is a seasoned veteran of the music business and also heart break if her music is any indication. One things for sure, she does a great job of giving her fans a feeling of empowerment men or women. You go, Kelly!
Jessie J – Domino [MUSIC VIDEO]
It's videos like this that make me think I could make music videos. Crazy outfits? Check. Visual effects? Check. Fun dancing? Check. Montage of all of this in the last 20 seconds? Check. All kidding aside, it's a fun video. Love the song.
Asher Roth New Track Gets Away From The Prepiness [Music Video]
Asher Roth had a double edged sword to deal with when a hit like "I Love College" and your whole public persona is built around a preppy look and subject matter.  Pigeon holed is not a good place to be in the music industry.  Do you try to get lightning to strike twice wi…
Wiz Khalifa Sued For Alleged Stealing Black And Yellow [VIDEO]
This does happen all of the time to pretty much every song writer that ever had a hit.  Wiz Khalifa is being sued by a Pennsylvania rapper named Maximillion.  Maximillion has a track called "Pink and Yellow" that he put out in 2008.  Obviously the two names are similar, but it takes more t…
Gavin Degraw – Not Over You [MUSIC VIDEO]
This girl Gavin Degraw isn't over yet must be some girl. We've all been there, and it's the songs like this that help us get through right? While I imagine the song is about Gavin and his broken heart that doesn't won't mend until he moves on, in the video it's a differ…

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