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One Direction – Little Things [MUSIC VIDEO]
The song 'Little Things', originally penned by Ed Sheeran, is One Direction's current hit song. The black and white video of the band in the recording studio suits the soft and sentimental feeling of the song quite well.
Mackelmore on Ellen Degeneres performing Same Love
My two favorites: MACKELMORE and ELLEN DEGENERES. I can't even express how sick I am of the political bashing. Can't we look the positive things in the world? Like LOVE? Check out his flawless performance on Ellen earlier this week. His album- The Heist- with producer, Ryan Lewis, is …
Flo Rida – Rap Music Enigma [Music Videos]
It was a night in 2008 when I first heard "Low" from Flo Rida. My friend Michelle was driving a bunch of us around and she was playing Low LOUD! I added it to KISS' playlist immediately. Low was already destined to be played in every corner of the US that year, bringing Flo R…

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