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Moods Spotlight: Young the Giant
Let's learn about one of the headliners for this year's Moods of the Madison.
Young the Giant has been in the alternative rock scene for a while now, since 2004. Founded in Irvine, California, this band had breakout success in 2011 with such hits as "Cough Syrup" and &…
Ariana Grande – One Last Time [VIDEO]
Can we please look like that in a pair of jeans and sweatshirt? It's the end of the world...or is it? Plus, she fights a big, bearded dude and wins? Twice? Wow. Check out Ariana's official video (she's adorable).
Maroon 5 Crashes Weddings and Couples Love It
Wedding crashers aren't typically something a bride and groom want. In this case, it was a dream come true. Maroon 5 surprised several couples on their wedding day with an unplanned performance. Of course they all FREAKED OUT! Watching the grooms get all giddy is hilarious!
I Got Choked Up During Selena Gomez’s AMA Performance
Selena Gomez has been struggling with a lot over the past couple of years. The only public struggle is something our high school selves can identify with and that's relationship drama. It's easy to judge those we don't know (especially when it comes to "loving" Bieber) but don't you rememb…
Retro Bruno Mars in ‘Uptown Funk’ [VIDEO]
From hangin' with the boys on the street, cat calls and perms, Bruno Mars makes this Mark Ronson produced hit "Uptown Funk" complete perfection. Do you LOVE this song as much as we do? Watch the retro video. The 1970's seem to fit Bruno Mars. So do the 1950's, 1960&a…

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