London Baker Creates Best Wedding Cake Ever
I am so impressed. I want one of these bad boys, and I am not getting married. Hell, I'm single, but I would absolutely go crazy if someone got me this cake. I was looking on BuzzFeed and found this article about the most incredible, intricate wedding cake, and I couldn't believe my eyes..…
Tax Day Freebies!
It's not like EVERYONE is talking about it. Today is tax day. Raise your hand if you've filed an extension? *raises hand* The good news: We get freebies today!
Shovel Snow in Seconds. This Guy Is Genius!
We have all made snowballs so why on earth haven't we been shoveling snow like this for years? Tell me I'm not the only one who didn't think of this. Just roll it like a sleeping bag. Wow, this snow shoveling hack is genius!
Meet Your Invisible Boyfriend…or Girlfriend
As Valentine's Day approaches, single people are reminded of just how single they are. It seems that everyone has a significant other. Don't just jump into a relationship because you want to be in one or tell mom and dad you have someone - date someone invisible!

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