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From Timbaland To Kanye Hot New Music Videos Out
Of course I am a music video junkie so when I came across a couple pretty tight music videos I had to share.  The first is Timbaland ft. Pittbull and David Guetta 'Pass At Me'
Then of course we have been rocking this jam and you have voted it on your Montana's Most Wanted Co…
Moving Sucks But Is Awesome: Chadwick Moves
It's amazing how quickly people can switch from loving something to being completely over it.  I'm not talking about relationships, I'm talking about your living situation.
No matter how long you've lived somewhere and how much you like it, moving to a new place is always a r…
They Dated? Celebrity Relationships That Will Shock You!
From magazines to the news, papers to web-sites, celebrities business is put out everywhere. For the most part the media talks about their latest movie, their music, what charities they are donating to...wait who I am kidding they talk about their relationships...
We Have All Had One, What Was The Worst Job You Have Had??
If there is someone out there that has never had a bad job my hat is off to you. Now, if you are like me I needed to make some money and whatever job I could get I was taking.  I worked as a housekeeping for a whole 3 months and it was probably the worst job I have ever had...
Aesop Rock And Kimya Dawson Bring It A La Emerson.
Who wants to party? You want to party. What better way to party than to spend an evening ripping it up at the Emerson Cultural Center with two virtuosos of musical might? Aesop Rock, lord of all that is unexpected and unique will be hitting the stage with Kimya Dawson (queen of all quirkiness) this …
Charles ‘Bubba’ Smith Dead At 66
Best known for his role as Moses Hightower in the Police Academy Movies, 66-year-old Charles 'Bubba' Smith was found dead in his Los Angeles home today.

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