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Beyonce’s New Music Video For ‘Countdown’
You know Beyonce is always killing it and this music video is no different. It is not as crazy as some of her others but for some reason I am just feeling it.
I think I like it because she is so silly. She is always making crazy faces and moving her body so wild but yet she pulls it off...
It’s Back! Throw ‘BLAQUE’ Thursday!
Tonight is Thursday so we do what we do Throw It Back! Tonight I picked Blaque's 'Bring It All To Me' Ladies I know you will be feeling this song mostly but guys you never know this could be one of those songs that brings back some memories:) Check out Blaque with 'Bring It All To Me'
Hope you enjoy …
Did You Say Black Eye Peas Or The Black Keys??
Just this year I was able to go to Bonnaroo which was a life changing event but I have to credit one group in particular to this  statement.  After Wiz Khalifa's performance we were all ready for Eminem to hit the stage but there was one more performance still to go...
From Timbaland To Kanye Hot New Music Videos Out
Of course I am a music video junkie so when I came across a couple pretty tight music videos I had to share.  The first is Timbaland ft. Pittbull and David Guetta 'Pass At Me'
Then of course we have been rocking this jam and you have voted it on your Montana's Most Wanted Co…
Moving Sucks But Is Awesome: Chadwick Moves
It's amazing how quickly people can switch from loving something to being completely over it.  I'm not talking about relationships, I'm talking about your living situation.
No matter how long you've lived somewhere and how much you like it, moving to a new place is always a r…

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