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Can You Pass The Bozeman Citizenship Test? [Quiz]
A link has been floating around Facebook to take the US Citizenship test.  I passed. But barely.  But I got to thinking about Bozeman and if you had to take a test to live here, what questions would be on it? Here is a short quiz to test your knowledge of Bozeman...
Bozeman Mini-Masters April 7th- Sign Up Now!
Bozeman Mini-Masters is back again.  The Mini-Masters this has grown every year, this being year 3, with both those competing for the green jacket and also the level of play the sponsor pubs are demanding.
Never heard of the Bozeman Mini-Masters...
What Song Was #1 The Week Of Your Birth?
What was happening in the world at the time of your birth?  Wikipedia now has a page you can find the song that was #1 the week of your birth. Does the song that was played the most around your birth contribute to who you are now?
Who Dat Brees-ing Through The Season!
If you missed it last night dont worry I will fill you in. Last night the one and only, the most amazing, greatest team ever, ok I ll stop but MY favorite team, the saints beat the Atlanta falcons. This clenched their division seat and set them up pretty nicely for the play-offs...
2012 Gallatin Valley Girl Calendars Now On Sale!
If you have not heard yet, the lovely ladies and winners of the 2012 Gallatin Valley Girl Contest have finished up the calendar and it is ready to be purchased. Last night, I was out at the Korner Klub just which is just one of the bars featured in the calendar...

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