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Tonight’s guests, DRAG KINGS AND QUEENS!
MONTANA PRIDE is coming up this weekend in Bozeman, so to clear up misconceptions and stereo types and to give the 4-1-1  on the FUN this weekend, I am having Chase McGroin and Levitra Rogue Kinkaid in the studio tonight, check em out around 9pm. Montana Pride event schedule inside.
I could not be more excited to welcome my dear friend and extremely talented producer, hip hopper, DJ, and musician, MAULSKULL from BLACK MASK back in the KISS STUDIO on Thursday night.
Can You Pass The Bozeman Citizenship Test? [Quiz]
A link has been floating around Facebook to take the US Citizenship test.  I passed. But barely.  But I got to thinking about Bozeman and if you had to take a test to live here, what questions would be on it? Here is a short quiz to test your knowledge of Bozeman...

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