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Fox 28 Idol Giveaway Auditions 4-14-11
Here are today's auditions from the Fox 28 Idol Giveaway.  Tomorrow we will have 2 finalists from these and today's auditions.  Watch the finals live April 30th at the Gallatin Valley Mall.
Chadwick’s Laundry Day
Doing laundry at a laundry mat hardly seems like it should be a time of relaxation.  Although this beautiful Tuesday evening with the sun shining and the temperature outside somewhat equaling the appearance from inside for the first times in months is calming.
Bozeman Mini Masters Mini Golf Challenge April 9th
The Bozeman Mini-Masters is back! Saturday April 9th you can spend the day mini-golfing through 9 Downtown Bozeman bars and enjoying drink specials.
The Cannery, Colonel Blacks, 317, The Crystal, Bar IX. The Pourhouse, The Eagles, The Bacchus Pub and the Legion will all have mini-golf holes set up fo…
Snowboarding Or Skiing Makes Winter Blues Fade
Thank goodness that I have finally found snowboarding as a hobby.  I am a Montana native but until this year I have not been able to spend my winters playing in the snow, minus the occasional sledding trip to Pete's Hill.
Bozeman Committee Passes Community Climate Action Plan
The Bozeman City Commission passed a Community Climate Action plan just last night to further monitor Bozeman's Carbon footprint. The plan includes monitoring our CO2 emissions and limiting them as much as possible by including more bike lanes and allowing residents to decline a phone book del…
Chadwick Asks, Does ‘Knowing’ Give Inspiration?
Where does inspiration come from?  Why does one thing make a person feel inspired and something else doesn’t?  And why doesn’t the thing that makes one person move out and get to work but doesn’t inspire the next person to even scratch their …
Chadwick’s Scenic Route Epiphany
Over this past weekend my girlfriend and I took a little time out from everyday life to go visit our friends in Missoula.  Not a huge vacation as we were only there for about 24 hours, but it was one of the best trips I have ever had the pleasure of taking.
Gottfried Fired Over Tasteless Tweets
The iconic voice of Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice of the Aflac duck after Gilbert rattled off what he thought were hilarious tweets poking fun at the events of Japan's current disaster. Aflac is a major insurer in Japan, a fact that Gilbert apparently was unaware of previously. Gilbe…
Police Raid Medical Marijuana Stores In And Around Bozeman
Medical Marijuana distributors in the valley have been raided by several law enforcement agencies in the last 24 hours and what appear to be arrests are being made. Is this a reaction to the voting down of the bill that would have repealed the Medical Marijuana Act in Montana? Or did the distrib…