Titillating Tidbits About Turkeys and Thanksgiving
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Let the shopping frenzy begin. Thanksgiving Day. What are you thankful for this year? Was it the year you thought it would be?
Did fun or interesting things happen to you...
Why Polson, Montana….Why?
So if you don't know me personally I originally hail from Polson, Montana. A nice, little lake town on the south tip of Flathead Lake. I was privileged enough to grow up and live there and meet amazing people. I love Polson but this might change my opinion...
Man Gets Revenge On His Ex In The BEST Way!
When you think of the most epic ways of getting back at an ex, you probably think of throwing their stuff out, running a key along their car or any other movie moment we've seen in the past. One guy got revenge on his money-hungry ex-wife through a remote control. This guy is brilliant!
Townsquare Media Bozeman Meets Anchorman [VIDEO]
This is what happens when Townsquare Media presents us with a corporate Halloween contest (we took it as a challenge) that awards the winning office $1,000. A picture of a unique group/office costume was required. We decided to present a video instead. We're now waiting for the check in the mai…
Ellen’s Producer Pees His Pants in Haunted House
Ellen is horrible. Ellen is awesome! There are few things funnier than watching someone get scared. Ellen's producer, Andy, is terrified of, well, everything. Turns out, Andy has an assistant who is ALSO scared of everything. What a perfect opportunity to send two people through a haunted house…
Ellen Scares Jake Gyllenhaal And It’s Good!
Ellen DeGeneres is my hero. She scares people all year long but around Halloween, it seems everyone is on high alert. Either that, or high anxiety. Jake Gyllenhaal seems pretty chill until something pops up out of nowhere!
Pictures That Will Make You Laugh. But Do They?
When people say "This is so funny" or "This will totally make you laugh," I'm hesitant. Comedy shows are stressful to me because I know I'm supposed to laugh. So when Buzzfeed posts pictures and says "Will Make You Laugh Every Time" I q…

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