5-Hour Energy Drink Could Maybe Kill You
You think you know exactly what you are getting when you drink a 5-Hour Energy, because its name is so obvious and descriptive But what its name doesn't tell you is that those five hours of energy might just kill you.(*dramatic trumpet blast*)
Breast Cancer Awareness Fun Night at Bar IX on Thursday
Tonight on the show, Kareokee Jocks, Brittney and Mary are stopping in the studio to tell us how they are making a difference while having some fun at the same time! Thursday Kareokee Night at BAR IX is having a costume contest, raffle prizes, and of course, Kareokee...
Can a New Sports Bra Really Detect Breast Cancer?
Is possible for a bra to detect breast cancer?
Well, according to First Warning Systems, the answer is a resounding yes. The Reno, Nevada-based company says they have invented a sports bra that comes complete with built-in heat sensors that can allow doctors to see malignancies through a state-of-the…
Free Zumba and Aqua Zumba Classes in Bozeman
Are you looking for something to revitalize your workout routine? Have you tried Zumba, the dance workout sensation that has swept the nation? Bozeman Parks and Recreation and Joey G Fitness are offering six free classes in Bozeman!
Movie Popcorn Butter Linked to Alzheimer’s
What is your snack of choice at the movie theater? Please don’t say popcorn. It is? It’s popcorn? Ok, well, you certainly don’t ask the concession stand employees to douse your corn with gallons of artificial butter spray, right? Oh, you do? Well, you …
The co-executive directors of SLAM Festival are stopping into the studio tonight.  SLAM stands for SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS.  Over 50 art and food vendors, musicians, groups, bands, DJs, dancers and performers will be showing you what they have this weekend at BOGART PARK for AB…

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