Is Lana Del Rey Working With H+M?
Lana Del Rey had the music industry talking with the release of her album ‘Born to Die,’ and most recently, the 26-year-old singer announced she would be portraying Jackie O in the video for ‘National Anthem.’ So why not cause the fashion world to get into…
What Did Lady Gaga Name Her Perfume?
Lady Gaga‘s perfume has a name. Finally.
The scent is called ‘Fame,’ which is to be expected, since that’s the name of the album that put the Mother Monster on the map. Samples of the scent have been shipped to certain publications so they can include coverage of the perfume in their editorial. Those…
90’s @ Noon Thing Of The Week – Overalls
You weren't cool unless you had a dope set of overalls.  Baggy overalls? Even better.  Baggy overalls with one side hanging down?  Your coolness could not be measured.  If you don't believe me...ask N'Sync.

Summer time could have been difficult for the overall…
Rihanna Launches Armani Fashion Collection
Just in time for the holidays and gift-giving season, Rihanna has unveiled her new Armani collection, comprised of denim and lingerie. For the creation of her highly-anticipated collection, the singer teamed up with Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans.