Elvis Duran

DJ Reidiculous Goes To Ibiza To See David Guetta[Video]
DJ Reidiculous documents his trip to Ibiza to see a whole slew of DJs including Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and more. This is his documentary of the trip. This was a working trip for Mr. Reidic though you can see part of his set in the second half of the video...
Shaun White Video Interview [Elvis Duran][Video]
Anthony talks with Shaun White about his bronze medal in the Summer X games. He seems a little peeved about getting a bronze. He also talks about how you follow up his perfect score at last year's Winter X Games and his music choices on the mountain.
Skeery Jones Wipes Cow Butt? [Elvis Duran][Video]
Why would he? I know the crew get Greg T to do some crazy things but Skeery?! Why would you do this to yourself?! I don't know the back story on this as I was on vacation when they talk about it on the show. Do you know why he's doing this?
Elvis Duran Birthday Surprise From Lady Gaga [Video]
When you are Elvis Duran, and it's your birthday, celebs come out to give you some love.  If you have listened to the show, you know that Elvis and Lady Gaga are besties.  She got up early to give Elvis some birthday Gaganess. Check out the audio below...

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