Only during the month of October do I willingly succumb myself to uncomfortable moments of terror. I warn you, I was startled by this ghost story and I'm even shaking a bit as I write this. That's how I know it's something worth sharing.

I've shown this ghost story around to different people. My friend Molly was hardly fazed by the story, but my coworker Tyler couldn't even finish it. It's tricky to determine what will solicit fear in an individual. If you think you are like Molly and can overcome the fear, I challenge you to watch the story below.

The story is one of Norman going camping for the first time with friends in a camper. I'll let him explain what happened next.

WARNING: DO NOT watch this video if you have a weak heart for being scared.The image below is the mask Norman refers to in his story.

If you're still feeling brave after listening to the story, read this list of haunted locations around Bozeman. Let us know your scary story!