Bozeman beat producers, enter to have your beat featured at MLK Event and submitted to Rhymesayers Record Label.

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day  Justus Entertainment is having an event like no other.  Sunday January 15th at the Emerson Cultural Center you can see and learn about the 4 elements of Hip Hop.  Including graffiti art, DJing, MCing and break dancing.  Highlighting the event will be the attendance of legendary Hip Hop icon Abstract Rude (who will be performing later that night).

For the MCing portion, local MCs will be asked to write 3 different 16 bar segments to 3 different beats.  Information on MC entry will be coming soon.

In order to get beats for the MCs to write to, Justus is having a Beat Competition that will be judged exclusively by Abstract Rude.  He will pick 3 beats from the entries and those will be the beats used at the event.  IN ADDITION to being used for the MC portion, these 3 beats will be submitted to Abstract Rude's label, Rhymesayers, for possible inclusion on Rhymesayers' artists albums.

That's correct. If your beat is picked by Mr. Rude, it will be sent directly to Rhymesayers for possible use by the artists of the label including Abstract Rude himself, Atmosphere, Grieves, Brother Ali, Freeway, Toki Wright and more.

How to enter:

  1. Burn your entries to a CD and drop it off at Cactus Records/Nightlife in Downtown Bozeman.  Make sure your contact info is with your entry.
  2. Upload your beats to your Sound Cloud account and email the link to the beats you would like to submit to, along with your contact info.


  1. Your entrys must be in by Midnight Sunday January 8th.
  2. All submissions must have contact information attatched including full name, phone number, email address.  Any entries not including contact info will not be considered.
  3. 2 entries per person.  Enter your 2 best beats.  No more. If you've only got 1 you want to submit, do it. But no more than 2.  If you enter 3, you will not be considered.

That's it.  Get to it and get your beats entered.  If you would like to show what you are entering, post your Sound Cloud to our Facebook page (posting beat is not considered entry).

See you Sunday January 15th at the Emerson Cultural Center!