Two movies are hitting the Gallatin Valley Theaters this week. Brad Pitt is a hit man in "Killing Them Softly" and a horror movie, from the writers of some Saw movies, called "The Collection". Check out the trailers.

"Killing Them Softly" (R)
Brad Pitt plays a mob enforcer hired to track down three guys who rob a card game being run by Ray Liotta.
Richard Jenkins is the guy who hires Brad, and James Gandolfini plays another hitman Brad brings in to help do the job.

"The Collection" (R)
A horror movie from the writers of the last four "Saw" movies. It's about a serial killer who "collects" humans by first massacring a room full of people, then capturing the sole survivor and taking them to a booby-trapped house. Josh Stewart is the only guy to ever escape. And he's forced by the father of the latest victim to lead a team of mercenaries into the killer's lair to rescue her.