"F-11 Photographic Supplies, Bozeman's photography and Apple computer place."

Founded in 1985

At F-11, they believe in creating educational opportunities for their customers to use their imaging equipment and thus learn how to get better images. They offer classes on everything from cameras to printers and software, and they sponsor photographic workshops to destinations throughout their area including Yellowstone National Park.

F-11 has several key industry dealerships that allows them to offer a big city selection along with small town service. Some of these dealerships include: Nikon Professional Digital Dealership, Fujifilm Authorized Digital Camera Pro Dealership, and Gitzo 5 Star Dealership. To strengthen their buying power and facilitate competitive pricing, they are members of Photo Marketing Association International, Digital Imaging Marketing Association, Independent Photo Imager's Association, Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International, and Gallatin Valley Independent Business Association. They also participate in the national Certified Digital Photo Processor program and in Kodak's Pro Lab Program – programs that ensure their customers will always get the best possible quality on all work done in their photo lab.

Expert Photography Tips:

Pictures From Your iPhone.
If you’re considering buying a new camera, local expert f-11 photographic supplies recommends that you check your pockets! If you have an iPhone, you already own the world’s best-selling camera! Not only does the iPhone take rich, high-resolution images, but iPhone pictures can make gorgeous, frame-able prints, as big as 11 x 14! Consult with your local photo lab for hints on how to get the best results.

Archiving My Photos
Many of us think they’ve “captured” a memory once they take a picture, but this is really only the first step in preserving the memory. Local expert f-11 photographic supplies reminds you that what you do next will determine whether the photo becomes priceless or pointless. Digital photos can be printed. Old printed photos, photo negatives and 35mm slides can be scanned and saved to disc or hard drive to keep them safe for years to come.

How Should I Save Home Videos?
Home video clips can end up anywhere. Whether on a phone, camera or tablet, the trick to having them forever is first to get them all in one place. Local expert f-11 photographic supplies suggests connecting your devices to your home computer-- you should easily get all your videos into one folder. Back up that folder onto an external drive for safe-keeping, or save the files into cloud storage.