You probably know the Country Dance Club better as the free Friday SOB Barn dance that has been happening for over 10 years. Thousands of students, including myself, have enjoyed these free all-ages country dance nights at the old SOB Barn on campus, but now they are without a venue and need the community's help.

The dances were held every Friday night at the SOB Barn and typically hosted 300 people from nine to midnight. It has been one of the largest weekly events in Southwestern Montana. Without the community's help in financing the rental of a new venue, the dances will be unable to continue.

The club has explored the possibility of the Gallatin Valley Fairgrounds, Rockin’ TJ Ranch and the Bob Miller Equestrian Pavilion.  The Bozeman Country Dance Club wants to keep the dances free but each possible location requires $150 per evening.

For every dollar that you donate, MSU will match that dollar amount up to $500 per semester. Any businesses that donate will provided advertisement in the form of a banner with name and logo during the dance.

If you can, help out and keep the Gallatin Valley dancing!

Contact Sierra Oehlke at