Bozeman is full of interesting things. The people, the businesses, our hobbies, and our lifestyles are all unique. Many times though these things go unnoticed or we become too accustomed to them. One thing I think we haven't been giving the proper attention to are street names. I've compiled a list of streets in and around Bozeman that are  unpronounceable, immature and even manly.

When I first came to Bozeman, I heard several arguments about how this street was pronounced. Everything from Kawtch to Kawsh, kohch to kawk. I'm nearly certain it's that last one. Anyway you pronounce it, Koch Street is a great street name that is a staple to the town. Out of towners may exclaim, "What's that street's name?"

What is a better street name than Manely Road? I would have expected this street to have a gym, biker bar, closed down spa, and gun shop all right next to each other. Instead it's more of a rural road that leads to Bozeman Beach on the North end of Bozeman. Either way it earns a spot on my list for the best named streets in Bozeman.

I just really love to say this street's name. Tschache! Again, I'm not quite sure the pronunciation but I like to just sound it out 'chah-cheeee!' Almost like a cha-ching of cash register. Now you too can yell it to yourself anytime you drive past it on North 19th Street right before Lowes.

The Streets above are in order for which you would drive past them going north on 27th Street. The next street sign is the one below. It doesn't really seem to fit in with the other street signs. I could explain to you why it doesn't fit in, but then again if you don't get it you're not as immature as I am and you're probably better off not knowing.

What street names are your favorite around town?