Justin Bieber fever has been everywhere. Ever since Justin hit he has been unstoppable. I know not everybody is a Bieber fan but I must admit I love me some Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber hit the scene as a very young artist and just continues to grow. Usher has been Justin Biebers mentor in the music business. Usher was a young artist himself when he first started and knows what it is like to grow-up in the music industry.
Justin just made an apperance on BET which only makes him even more unstopable. The apperance focused on Justin hitting every demographic. I was interested to watch his appearance. He talks about getting inspiration from black music, he did choose to sign with Usher over Justin Timberlakes label, but what was more important to me was the way he talked about his audiences. He said it does not matter what audience he is targeting he just wants to be himself. A BET correspondant asked Bieber why he thinks he has such a huge crossover appeal. Bieber responded saying, "I don't want to limit myself to one category or one style of music; I think music is music, and it's one universal language." I just absolutly loved this response and made me only love Bieber more. It is neat to see a young artist like Justin Bieber be so loved by his fans no matter what demographic they fall into.

Not only is Bieber a rock star in the music industry he is hitting the big screen tomorrow with Justin Bieber Never Say Never. I can not wait to check it out.