The bachelor party is the one last night of freedom before the groom is tied to the ball and chain right? A night of inconsequential fun and debauchery. Or that is at least how the movies play it out to be. More importantly I have found that it is just a great reason to get all of your best friends from the past and present together in celebration. Chadwick has put together some creative, unique and just plain fun party ideas for the best bachelor party that will leave a lasting memory for you and your buds.  And most of them will keep your future misses from worrying too much. I said most.

Sky Diving

What better way to bond with your good friends and have an experience that you will never forget?  You have a lot of good times with your bros.  But how many do you remember specifically?  This is the one thing that you can all remember and no matter how many miles will come between all of you, this one event you will always remember. Montana Skydiving offers a couple of different options for beginners. They will even record it for proof that you jumped out of a plane miles in the air.

Go Karts

Dudes like to race and compete.  Just the way of it.  Go karting is perfect.  You can drive “fast”, be more aggressive, and talk all the smack that is humanly possible before racing.  With the side bonus of getting to talk smack about how girly the other guys raced. Full Circle Racing located at Four Corners is the go to place in Bozeman for amazingly fast and fun Go Karts.

Limo Cruising

Gets everyone to travel safe, in style, and it’s just fun.  On an average night you’re going to go to maybe 2-3 different places depending on where you are.  With a limo, you can go anywhere in the allotted time you’ve reserved.  Going to random places and infiltrating those places with your buddies is where it’s at. Classic Limo in Bozeman has some nice limos decked out in led lights, glass wear and a slick exterior that always turns heads.

Trip to Vegas

The story of your bachelor party may not be as epic as the Hangover’s, but it’s going to be epic.  Plus all of your friends from around the country can all get to Vegas on the cheap.  A whole world of possibilities is waiting for you there.  With no chance of the real world coming crashing down and ruining your party.

Night on the town ending with a Hotel

Get a room.  Gives a specific meeting place, somewhere to crash where no one has to worry about waking up their significant other and depending on the hotel, a hot tub/pool combo to get the party started.  Plus you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself.  Cause you know dudes that are hung over are not about to be cleaning anything. With all the great hotels in Bozeman it's tough to recommend one, depends on what's important: hotel amenities, location, star rating, price. Check out some online and just make sure their are enough beds for everyone.

Strip Club

Cleche?  Yes, but really dudes are just looking for any reason to go to the strip club so your buddy getting married is the perfect reason.  Although it could be dangerous, cause when those dancers catch wind that there is a bachelor about to be married, it is all over.  He may wind up on stage, on a chair, or bent over, with whips, whipped cream, oil, nacho cheese...who knows what is going to happen.  You’ll have marks afterwards, so get your story straight.

There's our list from Chadwick of what you could and should do on your bachelor party. Feel free to mix and match all the different ideas for the most epic bachelor party.